You might as well say goodbye to your family when you go up to the Guard Inquisitor.  They decide your fate, they measure your worth and decide whether you live or die.

Worth to Alshira is more important than your crime; a rich murderous trader can be spared death while a poor thief can be condemned without second thought.

The death sentence is simple, drag them out to the desert; a cave of the condemned and leave them chained to the wall, they are never seen again.

But there is darker talk; no bones are found, no evidence of starvation or dehydration and no blood spilt.  It’s as if the condemned vanish off the face of the earth.

You will die here… the question everyone asks is how.

But I digress; enter the Library of the Spheres.

Condemned in the Sands

misterc ImKeelyT Belzera