Condemned in the Sands

The morning after

I could not sleep last night. I had replayed the party in my head. I remember the kiss followed by his death. I ask myself why am I cursed with Rage magic. Why me? 

I awoke to a message to meet the inquisitor. Just that alone sends a shiver down my spine but I assume it is important as I get ready. The only clothes I have are the ones I'm wearing, the outfit from the party. Thankfully there are only small spots of blood near my bust so you would have to actively look there.  I make sure I look presentable as I'm sure I'll see the others there.  

The walk was quiet and I'm sure whoever was out would assumed I spent the night with a gentleman caller. I soon arrived there & I saw my Rage tutor there. I just broke down in tears and he came up and he must have sensed what I did and he hugged me. It was comforting to have somebody care as I cried.

After the hug I went to the tower & saw the others there. We were told to give in our weapons. Not all of us did hand them in but I made sure I did, I mean it must be important why we're here, Along with one of the others I saw down. We were told it was a job well done, I shouted at  him saying I did not know it was a job and that I killed someone for this job. He did not care at all and just told me to do more Rage training. 

The rest of the day was quiet. I did a half day at work & just stayed indoors as the fog had set in for the night. Thoughts did creep back into my mind about Bal and how I killed the one chance at possible happiness down here. The dreams that night was me & Bal dancing, but I still kill him but it is not a quick death as I watch the life drain out of him slowly. 

The next morning I awoke & made my way to the Tavern. The others were attacked by cultists who may be after revenge for what we did. The Thief was injured.  I made a basic herbal concoction and left it.

I'm scared now that we are all targets by this sodding cult for playing heroes at the party.





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