Condemned in the Sands

The offering

It had started as a normal morning. Well as normal as a morning can be down here, it was all set up to be a normal day down here. I rubbed my eyes as I felt a little groggy but the next thing I know I'm tied up in a pit. I have no idea why I'm down here and how. I try and keep calm as I pull on the rope. 

I think a day passes before I hear what I think is a conversation, I start shouting but they act like I'm not there . I only hear parts of it but I'm in the shadows and that they mention the fog. Anything but the fog I cry to myself. Whoever is there also know who I am and that I practice Rage magic.

Two of them soon come towards me. They are oddly quiet as they prepare the next stage. I see the emblem. They're cultists and they must know that I killed Bal their leader or the person I fell in love with. They tie me back up with my arms above me and I cry to myself as they walk away.

I'm alone again but this time I start to feel that I am going to be their offering to a God and that I won't be coming out alive. 


The morning after

I could not sleep last night. I had replayed the party in my head. I remember the kiss followed by his death. I ask myself why am I cursed with Rage magic. Why me? 

I awoke to a message to meet the inquisitor. Just that alone sends a shiver down my spine but I assume it is important as I get ready. The only clothes I have are the ones I'm wearing, the outfit from the party. Thankfully there are only small spots of blood near my bust so you would have to actively look there.  I make sure I look presentable as I'm sure I'll see the others there.  

The walk was quiet and I'm sure whoever was out would assumed I spent the night with a gentleman caller. I soon arrived there & I saw my Rage tutor there. I just broke down in tears and he came up and he must have sensed what I did and he hugged me. It was comforting to have somebody care as I cried.

After the hug I went to the tower & saw the others there. We were told to give in our weapons. Not all of us did hand them in but I made sure I did, I mean it must be important why we're here, Along with one of the others I saw down. We were told it was a job well done, I shouted at  him saying I did not know it was a job and that I killed someone for this job. He did not care at all and just told me to do more Rage training. 

The rest of the day was quiet. I did a half day at work & just stayed indoors as the fog had set in for the night. Thoughts did creep back into my mind about Bal and how I killed the one chance at possible happiness down here. The dreams that night was me & Bal dancing, but I still kill him but it is not a quick death as I watch the life drain out of him slowly. 

The next morning I awoke & made my way to the Tavern. The others were attacked by cultists who may be after revenge for what we did. The Thief was injured.  I made a basic herbal concoction and left it.

I'm scared now that we are all targets by this sodding cult for playing heroes at the party.



Never kill a Halfling on the First Date

I'm alone again. Earlier on this evening there was a chance I would have been happy and doing this thing call dating. Sadly that won't be happening again.

It had started at this party I was invited to. I assumed someone (possibly Varia) wanted me there. I was very flattered by that and after getting ready I had a beautiful blue outfit. Complete with sword. (I had been getting lessons on being angry) and was given it. 

On the evening of the party. That is when we met. It had transpired that the reason I was here was for a blind date. I think we were both embarrassed at this but he was perfect. Good looking , charming and he was also like me. A magical Halfling. He noticed my light stone but I did not tell him what my magic was. I did not want to scare him. He told me that he did a lot of elemental magic. The evening went well. We watched the entertainment & I almost did not want this moment to end, However there was a noise and he had to leave. I did something I did not expect. I kissed him, Incase we never saw each other again.

I had someone tell me in my head to head downstairs as something was going on. I made my way downstairs with sword in hand (you know just in case). I heard battling and knew I had to do something & be a sodding hero. I used my Rage magic & ran as fast as I could and I knew I hit someone. I calmed down there and then and saw who I killed. It was him. The man I fell in love was there was dead and I killed him. 

The others tried to make me feel better but one of the elves said that they're sorry as this date was nothing more than a distraction for the others. I just felt used by the others and that they used my feelings for their own means and I just cried. Apparently we saved a lot of people and the guys got the mask. 

The night is quiet and I'm alone again in this world. The one chance I had at romance was nothing more than a sham & I killed him. 

Group dynamics

I have no idea what I'm bringing to this group I have found myself in. The elf seems to have become a leader of sorts. The human brings his stealth and tricks. The new dwarf is obviously a con man. Then there is me. A little angry one. 

I feel like I don't belong here at all, I mean my magic is something I don't want to use. I have no control over it. It is not even nice magic. It is magic that can and indeed will kill.  I have this feeling at some point I'll need to embrace the rage and let it out. 

Anger condemned me~Grace

I'm already seen as a criminal who deserves to be condemned, because I practice magic. Magic here is illegal. The magic I have scares me. My magic can harm people and I have no control over it.

Before the crime I was a dressmaker. My small size made me more nimble. Whilst the dresses were nice. Money was not coming in. I was worried that I would have to close. 

It had seemed that my money worries would come to an end when someone came in and wanted a quote for four dresses. We agreed a price and that they would be delivered. 

The dresses were delivered but they kept putting off payment for days. It had become apparent that I would not be paid. I had to take direct action. I went to the address they gave me and demanded my money. 

I tried not to get too angry but the rage built and I attacked them. It was fatal and I had killed her. I grabbed my money and ran. I was soon arrested but still I tried to attack the guards. 

I was subdued and soon brought to trial. I was condemned for murder under the influence of magic. 

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