Condemned in the Sands

Never kill a Halfling on the First Date

I'm alone again. Earlier on this evening there was a chance I would have been happy and doing this thing call dating. Sadly that won't be happening again.

It had started at this party I was invited to. I assumed someone (possibly Varia) wanted me there. I was very flattered by that and after getting ready I had a beautiful blue outfit. Complete with sword. (I had been getting lessons on being angry) and was given it. 

On the evening of the party. That is when we met. It had transpired that the reason I was here was for a blind date. I think we were both embarrassed at this but he was perfect. Good looking , charming and he was also like me. A magical Halfling. He noticed my light stone but I did not tell him what my magic was. I did not want to scare him. He told me that he did a lot of elemental magic. The evening went well. We watched the entertainment & I almost did not want this moment to end, However there was a noise and he had to leave. I did something I did not expect. I kissed him, Incase we never saw each other again.

I had someone tell me in my head to head downstairs as something was going on. I made my way downstairs with sword in hand (you know just in case). I heard battling and knew I had to do something & be a sodding hero. I used my Rage magic & ran as fast as I could and I knew I hit someone. I calmed down there and then and saw who I killed. It was him. The man I fell in love was there was dead and I killed him. 

The others tried to make me feel better but one of the elves said that they're sorry as this date was nothing more than a distraction for the others. I just felt used by the others and that they used my feelings for their own means and I just cried. Apparently we saved a lot of people and the guys got the mask. 

The night is quiet and I'm alone again in this world. The one chance I had at romance was nothing more than a sham & I killed him. 



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