Condemned in the Sands


Anger condemned me~Grace

I'm already seen as a criminal who deserves to be condemned, because I practice magic. Magic here is illegal. The magic I have scares me. My magic can harm people and I have no control over it.

Before the crime I was a dressmaker. My small size made me more nimble. Whilst the dresses were nice. Money was not coming in. I was worried that I would have to close. 

It had seemed that my money worries would come to an end when someone came in and wanted a quote for four dresses. We agreed a price and that they would be delivered. 

The dresses were delivered but they kept putting off payment for days. It had become apparent that I would not be paid. I had to take direct action. I went to the address they gave me and demanded my money. 

I tried not to get too angry but the rage built and I attacked them. It was fatal and I had killed her. I grabbed my money and ran. I was soon arrested but still I tried to attack the guards. 

I was subdued and soon brought to trial. I was condemned for murder under the influence of magic. 



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