Condemned in the Sands

The offering

It had started as a normal morning. Well as normal as a morning can be down here, it was all set up to be a normal day down here. I rubbed my eyes as I felt a little groggy but the next thing I know I'm tied up in a pit. I have no idea why I'm down here and how. I try and keep calm as I pull on the rope. 

I think a day passes before I hear what I think is a conversation, I start shouting but they act like I'm not there . I only hear parts of it but I'm in the shadows and that they mention the fog. Anything but the fog I cry to myself. Whoever is there also know who I am and that I practice Rage magic.

Two of them soon come towards me. They are oddly quiet as they prepare the next stage. I see the emblem. They're cultists and they must know that I killed Bal their leader or the person I fell in love with. They tie me back up with my arms above me and I cry to myself as they walk away.

I'm alone again but this time I start to feel that I am going to be their offering to a God and that I won't be coming out alive. 




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